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Back lit LED’s v/s Edge Lit Led’s: Back lit- LED’s last much longerand gives out 40% more light output compared to Edge lit LED slim panel lights for conventional use. The Back lit LED also effectively reduces thermal “heat” managed compared to edge lit.

One should be wise to decide on the type of requirements as the thickness of the panel on down light matters only when lights are used on surface mounting. Choose your lights based not on “slim look” but based on the technicality, light output and long life.

Close contact with CFLs can be harmful: Team of Stony Brook University researchers study have revealed the potential impact on healthy human skin tissue being exposed to UV rays from CFL bulbs. Team of German scientist have claimed that these energy saving bulbs should not be left on for long period of time or placed close to a person’s head because they release poisonous gas.

Energy Efficiency: Evaluating the energy efficiency of lighting systems starts with the efficacy of the light source, but does not end there. Other factors, such as ballast or driver efficiency, luminaire optical losses, and luminaire thermal factors will also determine the final energy efficiency of any lighting system. It always the light fixture that meets all the criteria and not only “look”

CFL/ Fluorescent retrofits to LED: The common problems of any IFM’s integrated facility managers to replace the old CFL / Fluorescent light fixtures to energy efficient LED lights. RETROFEED LIGHTS are the solutions without incurring “CAPX” while maintaining the original fixture “Body of light” converting to LED under “OPEX”. This works amazingly 2x2, 1x1, square panel lights, down lights, specific street lights. Wall wash lights.


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